GAZ 66 Shasyga

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GAZ 66 for ETS 2 .
Version 1.31.
For sale in Reno.
Test version of the mod.
Unpack the archive to the folder with mods . The whole folder with all the folders inside to throw in a folder mod. Otherwise, the game does not see it.
The second link is the usual scs file to throw in the mod folder and connect
Over time, it will be finalized.

Please respect the link

-tested on versijn 1.31

Vistor, Craszcy, Barto


5 thoughts on “GAZ 66 Shasyga

  1. The Evil Gregor

    A-ha-ha-hah. Fix that name, great translators, it’s exactly “Shishiga”.

    1. The Evil Gregor

      Wow, I just found it in video after I said.

  2. Lilo is Good

    Is this for ATS? I’m pretty sure there are no town named Reno in ETS2

  3. tiene un bug , con el no puedes dormir , es lo unico malo , lo demas esta genial

  4. reno = renault for all those wondering

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