German City Rebuilds v 1.0

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This mod updates some of the larger German cities on the original map.

Cities rebuilt: Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich and Dortmund.

For use with the original map.

Only compatible with maps that don’t include Germany, so this mod is not compatible with Promods or TSM for example but is compatible with RusMap.

If you are using Paris Rebuild then place this mod above it in Mod Manager.

Scandinavia, France and Italy DLCs required.

Compatibility: 1.30

Key Features
Original SCS city structures kept
Assets replaced and added
Closed roads opened and rebuilt in Berlin
Small road opened and rebuilt in Cologne
2 additional companies added to Berlin
1 additional company added to Cologne
Assets added to entry roads to make cities larger



14 thoughts on “German City Rebuilds v 1.0

  1. compatible with Eastern Express map??

    1. vanilla map + Express + German City Rebuilds = fine work.

    2. Yes!

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.30..

  3. Bonsoir,

    Beau travail, ce serait bien aussi pour les principales villes de France (sauf Paris) Marseille, Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse et Bordeaux par exemple.

    Nice work, it would be good for the main cities of France (except Paris) Marseille, Lyon, Nantes, Toulouse and Bordeaux for example.



  4. Bonsoir,

    Beau travail, Belles Villes
    Ce serait bien de modifier les principales villes françaises (sauf Paris)
    Par exemple :Marseille, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux ou Toulouse.
    Dans le dlc, ces villes sont pauvres en monuments et commerces.
    Merci beaucoup de vos réalisations.

    Good evening,

    Beautiful work, Beautiful cities
    It would be nice to change the main French cities (except Paris)
    For example: Marseille, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux or Toulouse.
    In the dlc, these cities are poor in monuments and shops.
    Thank you very much for your achievements.


  5. PROMO:

  6. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  7. TheGreenlightTrucker

    *Kriechbaum 😉

  8. merci

  9. lordmodets2

    good initiative, but I make 2 comments, which I hope, can help you improve the mod
    1 – there are buildings that the 1st floor (doors and windows) is buried below ground level.
    2 – there are buildings without the entrance or exit, being in a positioning without sense.
    if you fix these problems, it will get better still, I have seen these errors in Muniche which is my hometown.

  10. SheerSquirrelTV
  11. en weer DCL Italy, de meesten hebben dat niet, dat F…CK Steam

  12. is really great, but unfortunately not compatible with open beta 1.31 (pity)

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