GF AS Skin for RJL Scanias w/ Kast’s NTM Addon

GF AS truck skin with box decals to match my Linjegods skins which are part of Kast’s NTM trailer pack.
Made to fit the RJL’s 6 series streamline – all cabs, with Kast’s NTM addon.

More info, future updates and my other skins on SCS Forum:



4 thoughts on “GF AS Skin for RJL Scanias w/ Kast’s NTM Addon

  1. Nice work ;),

    where do I get the bullbar?

    1. Thanks! This is a personal edit of a Hypro made by Theo Works, which used to be on Sellfy, though i don’t know if it’s available anymore.

  2. lasse stefanz

    work on 1.38?

  3. lasse stefanz

    work on 1.38????????shake a leg

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