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Let me present my new Map mod.

The Gotthardpass!

Now you can decide to take two option:
For a faster Route you cn take the Gotthard Tunnel, but for a trip with a lot of emotions and nature, then you have to take the Gotthardpass.

Enjoy the trip and support me.

Comment (in englisch, german, italian and portuguese) are welocme! Please subscribe me and like.

Ola galera. Espero que gosta da mapa nova que eu fiz. O Gottardo existe na suica e voce pode escolher se va pra basso o pra cima.
Pegando o Gottardo Pass claramente e um desafio legal pra isso jogo.
Obrigado pelo Downlod e follow me.

Ciao ragazzi. Spero che vi piace questo mod che ho creato io.
Come voi tutti sapete ci sono due alternativi. Ho prendere il tunel ho salire la montagna. Chiaramente prendento il San Gottardo é per questo gioco molto piu’ divertente.
Suguitemi su Youtube e grazie per il supporto.



33 Responses to Gotthardpass by Dalexander

  1. JoachimK says:

    Guten Morgen.
    Habe die Map gerade geladen und ich kann sagen, dass sie mit ProMods 2.03, DLC North + East, RusMap 1.63, BalkanProjects und Vladzz funktioniert.
    Nun muss ich nur noch mal da langs fahren. 🙂

    Danke dafür.

    • Dalexander says:

      Thank you for the information. 😉
      Is for me e pleasure.
      Have everybody fun with this map.

      • AlexCrazy says:

        really it conflicts with Promods or MHA – on Promods map Basel is in same sector, on MHA or TSM also there are cities is this sector

  2. Joe the gamer says:

    This mod is absolutely brilliant!! 🙂 Compatible with RusMap?

  3. truckii says:

    What a great map! Thank you 🙂

  4. Andy_CH says:

    Muesi grad usprobiere! Danke!!!

  5. Hppns says:

    the sound of that track tho’!!! Looking for it…

  6. Bruno32600 says:

    ne fonctionne pas avec promod, la route n’apparais pas et si on le met en priorité haute c’est des routes de la promod qui disparaisse, domage :s

  7. Acacio says:

    Where is this route? Betwenen? and ? Thank you

  8. Andy_CH says:

    Zurich – Italy. You can see it also in the youtube video

  9. paulo says:

    good morning friend, congratulations mod, unfortunately it overwrites the mod road serpentine thus eliminating the towns of Montana and premontana, so I will not be able to use it, come edir his friend the possibility of making the mods without having to take others. thank you.

  10. mickeyd33 says:


  11. mickeyd33 says:

    what happend with my post?!?

    • Sort says:

      I have Promods and this addon works perfect.
      If you have a problem it is not Promods.

  12. EEAG Skofai says:

    Hy läuft der Mod auch mit der TSM zusammen?

  13. Dalexander says:

    Well people.
    My Addon work also with:

    Latest Eldorado Map
    Latest Indonesia Map
    Dlc Cabin Accessories pack v1.5

    Have fun. 😉

  14. Mapper says:

    I have some problems with promods… same as with your lucerne map! You have to delete all the sectorns you don’t have touched in the “map” folder. Then it works without any problem with every other map! So for the lucerne map, there have to be only 2 sectors in this folder.

  15. mrgopro says:

    funktioniert die auch mit version 1.23 und tsm 6.2

  16. Eep says:

    I ran into an invisible wall, or something, coming from the north, and out of the third (or fourth) tunnel before entering another tunnel that goes under the very windy (not the weather but the shape) road above (see for map pic). The tunnel entrance sides were not rendered and I could see under the mountain but my truck hit something and sustained 20% undercarriage damage. I have ProMods 2.03 and RusMap 1.6.3 (and the fix for ProMods 2.02 or higher by RadolSzczecin).

  17. Andre Taust says:

    Kannst du auch eine map Von Buchs SG machen.

    • Dalexander says:

      Hallo Andre Trust. Wenn die Anfrage gross ist, denn schon. Aber sonst nicht. Es steckt viel Arbeit.
      Grüsse, Dalexander

  18. Harald-RS says:

    Ist leider sehr schade das der Gotthard Bergpass nicht mit der ProMods 2.03 kompatibel ist.

    Mountain passport is this unfortunately harms the Gotthard very much it isn’t compatible with it for pro-mods 2. 03.

  19. denluk1 says:

    Hey, i would like to Play you Map, but when I start the game with the Mod the game crashes, if i Play without the Steam-Version, it says that i Need a “Rocket-League-DLC”. Is this right?

  20. Maarten Brandt says:


    I’ve loaded the map in de mod manager.
    It doesn’t give an error, but it isn’t showing on the map also.
    What could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance

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