GPS change for all Trucks by adi2003de v 2.0

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This mod change the GPS Angle for the 3D map …
It changes the Colors of Streets on the GPS and the navigated Line.
It changes the icons on Map.

There are two versions …
NAVIPMBG = with background
NAVIPMSW = without background

You can use it for all maps , but the mapzoom can be false.

Tested on coremap , Promods 2.25

The Mod is for Patch 1.30



7 Responses to GPS change for all Trucks by adi2003de v 2.0

  1. Leif Knudsen says:

    Do you have the mod for engine ? It’s cool

  2. Klains says:

    It’s not mod, its s_hit!
    It’s not mod, it’s s_hit!
    looo wtf!

  3. mikey says:

    @adi2003de did you manage to fix the all_white unexplored to explored road… Best wishes 2018!!!

    • adi2003de says:

      No. because that is my intention. if you get into your car today then your gps will not tell you how much you’ve done with your map.

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