GPS in standard interior of Scania

Now will work GPS in standard Scania interior.

Author: pawel_1995
Password: pawel_1995


8 thoughts on “GPS in standard interior of Scania

  1. James1730

    well theres a password on the file

  2. any chance of knowing this password?

  3. Pass: pawel_1995

  4. James1730

    tested and its not working!

  5. maybe it needs a new game or profile to be started

  6. This GPS is faulty……Also is there any way to make one for the right hand side driver? Surprisngly it shows up on the right hand side, but it dose not function at all

  7. So…what about an update on this to make it work correctly? the other GPS mod makes my dashboard purp/pink -_-‘

  8. yeeeeeeeee thanks! 😉

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