GPS Router Advisor v 1.0

Center the Top Line at the top of ,extra a mirror the same., the card is not present at all
GSM – tiny map
ONM – medium,
SBM – a big map (turned off by F3).
LTB – text on bottom,
LTT – at the top.
NF – with frame,
WF – no frame.
MBB card on a black background
MCB – transparent.

Test Mod. ETS2 1.31XX

Yan Red


5 thoughts on “GPS Router Advisor v 1.0

  1. Metin Ateş

    Its a hemil?

  2. Bhagwant123

    Send me download link of above truck mod also

  3. So much thanks! i was waiting a mod like this!

  4. update for V 1.32 ?????

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