Grampian Continental Scania RJL


Grampian Continental skin for RJL’s Scania.



7 Responses to Grampian Continental Scania RJL

  1. Karina says:


  2. madmax says:

    It dosen’t work with RJL scania v1.2

  3. Andysco says:

    Is there a mod for a Grampian Co curtainsider?

  4. GhostRider says:

    Do you actually know what you are doing “madmax”, speedy143’s skins work fine ??????

  5. roadrunner1981 says:

    Thanks m8, would it be possible to do the Grampian Continentals Kerbey Motors 70th Anniversary skin please m8, keep up the wicked work m8

  6. madmax says:

    GhostRider yes I know and they dont work for me, I tried all Granpian skins with all the trucks that has this skin option and none of them is working.

  7. MrTechnic says:

    Can you update your skins for v1.22? They don’t show in the revamped paint shop…

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