Granel Arqueado v1 By joa18wos


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Keep the credits, or the v2 will not get out more!

In version v1: not yet have shade
lack blinkers arrow (important)

Bulk Alh: jeferson Ragazzon
converts / Edit Ets2: Joao18wos



17 thoughts on “Granel Arqueado v1 By joa18wos

  1. Ki az a hülye idióta aki ilyenekkel játszik vagy hamár alkotni tud ilyet készít és időt pocsékol rá

  2. What a ugly piece of s.h.i.t.

  3. please,don’t share this f**k sh*t

    very ugly

  4. What is the point of this…? Seriously? Someone please explain it to me. What is the point of uploading these horrendous trailers or trucks that are quite literally the ugliest thing you could possibly come up with? I DONT GET IT.

    1. That’s a great question. Even we brazilians can’t answer that. I have no idea why people do these things in real life, it looks simply ###### (and there’s even some morons who say that doing this gives better stability to the truck lol)

      1. Milton Peralta.

        For real, is that even legal? Forget about the looks of it, but I don’t think that’s safe. I’ve seen Some Brazilian truckers put lots of stickers on the windshields and TV screens everywhere and drive this trailers. Don’t you think that should be illegal?

        Don’t get me wrong I love Brazil (I’m from South America) and have a lot of respect for the bus industries, I miss seeing those Busscar, Marcopolo, Caio, etc on the roads and the cities, I love them but regardless the trucks, I dont know man, I dont know…

        1. It is both unsafe and illegal, but they do it anyway. Sadly the brazilian trucking industry is full of irresponsible people. 🙁

  5. for real, brazilians are just morons, come on, what is this idiocy ?

  6. This is without doubt the ugliest thing I’ve seen to date

  7. hahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….
    ridiculo !!!!

  8. poutitine

    I’m friends of goba6372

    1. KingScania

      Now what? Who cares?
      Btw, if you are friends with him, tell him that he`s a big piece of trash. Throwing out maps that dont work with the DLC is just dumb. Maybe he cant play the DLC because his game is cracked and wont work with 1.32 or above?
      10/10, would think that every time.

  9. Horrible como la mierda

  10. very poor work you have there bro.. sorry!

  11. Александр

    вам не жалко время на это таврение тратить?

  12. – really interesting magazine!

  13. WilliamHupsel

    Unfortunately, some of our truckers are completely retarded. Trucks and trailers with elevated suspension aren’t allowed by the authority, but they stay doing it.

    *sorry for bad english :p

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