Graphic and Weather Mod by adi2003de (Januar Version)

Change of the Daytime/nighttime to the realtime …
Change of HDR effects
Change of the Rainfactor
Change the physics of the Raindrops on the Windows
Change the physics of the vehicle

Change sounds of AI Traffic ( See it in the video )

Added wintertyres .. there are Runner Tyres but little bit louder and less grip. But it will work better for the physics on Wintermods. ( Maybe they will come next time for this patch).
The tyres you will find in the Truck Stations.

Compatible with every other Weathermod ..
My mod have to activate above a other Weathermod .

Attention .. it can be slippery when it is raining and it can be slippery after it was rainy …
The same if you use a Wintermod .. because it was snowing … ?



11 Responses to Graphic and Weather Mod by adi2003de (Januar Version)

  1. Speedy says:

    Wieder mal richtig klasse gemacht.dank dir adi

  2. Musti says:


  3. wegger says:

    Sehr gut arbeit! Danke schön! 😉 Frohes neues Jahr!!!!

  4. Losti says:

    und wieder ein neue Version… Klasse Arbeit wie immer. Vielen Dank. Weiter so . Und nachträglich Frohes Neues Jahr 🙂

  5. adi2003de says:

    sure .. there are all scs standard yes ? …

    Be real Man or shut up !

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