Graphic Mod Update v 2.2 – SmhKzl

graphic-mod-2 graphic-mod-1

Update mod v2.2

— Fixed Textures


Author: SmhKzl


8 thoughts on “Graphic Mod Update v 2.2 – SmhKzl

  1. Кто пробовал?FPS Сильно просадивает?

  2. Over game


  3. very clear graphics…recommendid!!!thx

  4. Good+graphic+however+slows+games+running+performanse

  5. J.F.Later

    -and work with Promods!

    1. works however game goes slower

  6. Very nice mod ..thx !!

    Works like a charm on Promods and even got increased fps in some trouble spots.

    For pps have game slowing down
    1. you have more lights on the truck then a christmas tree…reduces perfomence

    2. You have Vsync enabled

    3. Your computer is not powerful enough

  7. luis fernando fernandez salinas

    What is the password for the COMPRESSED? I didn’t find it anywhere.

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