Great Dane Spread Axle New Fenders Trailer

Great-Dane-2 Great-Dane-1

Keep the original link and credits.

Great dane spread axle New fenders

To Install
1. Extract This Downloaded File;
2. Put The Scs File On Ets2 Mod Folder;
3. Activate Mod On Your Mod Mananger
4. And Drive.

The Authors 18 Wos: Ivan,chris,bayonet,rowan,kris,wendi,buckshot,slamauser,dm4472
Conversion For Ets 2 Trailer: B4rt, New SKINS by AMT
Leds Pack By B4rt

Pleace helpe me no reupload file, respect the original link please


13 Responses to Great Dane Spread Axle New Fenders Trailer

  1. Terra says:

    Looks like hell, with that big distance between axles.

    • Ross Aldrich says:

      Actually spread axle reefers are quite common in the US, and popular with owner operators especially due to the fact that you are allowed a higher axle weight on the rear of the trailer (20,000lb each) than is acceptable for a standard tandem axle (34,000lb for the pair)….

  2. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Is it possible to add the option for the trailers to show up in traffic? Thanks.

  3. Ghostrider2800 says:

    I hope that this mod will work with American Truck Simulator next month too.

  4. Silver Griffin says:

    where can i find the shop for this mod?

  5. darnellm09 says:

    Shut da hell up Terra, you must not be from the US therefore yo silly ### has never seen a real spread axle US trailer….smdh….3 axles on ah trailer….now there sum shizt you don’t see on reg freight trailers in the US so there……

    • K-whopper says:

      that’s right tell him Darnellm09 . i’m a american trailer driver n that’s how we roll in the U.S. large n long baby.

      best spread axel by far big thanks B4rt and AMT for converting this bad azz custom spread axel. thanks for the matching skins to go with pete 389 v2.0. u guys are the best.

      as always thanks for sharing with the public

    • Ross Aldrich says:

      Actually I hauled a Tridem Axle reefer for Navajo for quite some time running potatoes out of southern Idaho….. they aren’t that common on the east coast, but they aren’t completely scarce out west….

  6. DasBooBoo says:

    i cant seem to find a way to use it in game.. freight jobs?

  7. David A King says:

    I have the TSM_Schwerlast_Trailerpacket_Pack 2 in my mod folder and activated in my mod manager plus this trailer and have yet to see this trailer in game. Is it compatable with other trailer mods?

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