Green Bangladesh Map v2.2 1.36.x
The map is standalone, when creating a profile, select the game module: Bangladesh.mbd

Location of files in the manager (Up/Down):
Green BD map.scs
Pro-bd map.scs

I did not check in the game.
Try it.
If you have problems starting the map, delete the file: Pro-bd map.scs

Sadman Sakib Andalib


10 Responses to GREEN BANGLADESH MAP V2.2 1.36.X

  1. Tony Logan says:

    Not working in already tried to delete Pro-bd map.scs

    • Octavian101 says:

      Can you read?
      It’s meant to play on 1.36 with dx11

      • Tony Logan says:

        Sorry man… I CAN read but I can’t write…

        Not working in already tried to delete Pro-bd map.scs

        I wrote 1.32 by mistake

        • Octavian101 says:

          Same for me, 1.36 is not working no matter the order i put the mods on it loats for 1 second then crash.

          • Tony Logan says:

            Same here! I hope for a fix. I really want to play this map!

  2. Geoffrey Wilson says:

    a dud map people should test before up loading. The only saving grace is that they did say they did not test it.

  3. jotagada says:

    ne fonctionne pas pour 1.36

  4. andreas venker says:

    ausserdem geht nicht mit den daten habe ich nur eine datei was soll der mist

  5. fbensif says:

    Hi, the same thing happened to Tony Logan, they should have tried it before publishing it … regards.

  6. Mahfuz says:

    The map is not working in v1.36.2.24

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