Halfords Autocentre Garage Skin

Halfords-Autocentre-Garage-Skin-1 Halfords-Autocentre-Garage-Skin-2

Halfords Autocentre Large Garage Skin

Authors: Millsyb, Pete379jp


9 Responses to Halfords Autocentre Garage Skin

  1. eliaknuj says:

    Hello Millsyb & Pete379jp! I found your mods really good. Could you please make a DHL garage? Thank you!

  2. domee says:

    Warum kann man die Garage nicht umskinnen?

  3. moondog2858 says:

    Well done Millsyb thanks very much can you do a Malcolms garage ?? cheers..

  4. Millsyb says:

    Glad you like guys DHL & Malcolms are in the pipeline

  5. rush_man says:

    Why are htese files locked ?? Nobody can make it with its own scheme color … it’s a shame .

    Next time release with open templates at least !

  6. Andy says:

    Rather than have a bash at the skinner, look here


    Skinned from this and is locked to stop modifications without asking

  7. cupimalik says:

    Hi there Millsyb ^_^
    Liked the dominant dark color for the garage…
    Hmmm….would be nice if the fences were given a green color instead of yellow and the ability to change the garage name but anyway… great work ^_^

    I’m intend to use this as my garage…would looked nice 🙂

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