Harder Fines


I created this mod, because a 550 quid fine for speeding didn’t hurt, when you have 2 Millions or more on your account; so why should you take care of the speedlimit? The new fines are now the old ones multiplied by 100 and should encourage one to drive more safely and respect the laws of the road.
Original values are:
400 # car crash
150 # avoid sleeping
100 # wrong way
550 # speeding (camera)
150 # no lights during night
350 # red lights
550 # speeding

New Values are (you guess it):
40000 # car crash
15000 # avoid sleeping
10000 # wrong way
55000 # speeding (camera)
15000 # no lights during night
35000 # red lights
55000 # speeding



4 thoughts on “Harder Fines

  1. Pesos?

  2. This is really good idea, but maybe little bit unrealistic xD

  3. MonstersCat

    I like most of the new values except the speeding is way too much. 55,000 just for speeding.

    Going 91 in a 90 and a speed camera catches you. BAM. 55,000 fine…

  4. UnableRogue

    This is awesome. I would like a mod that starts with the normal fines but increases the more you break the law.

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