Harley Quinn white / Scania R Topline


Hi Truckers :).
this is one of two skins i had as personal skin, and were shared coz of there low res this one is still a lower quality, but if enough ppl like it i will redo in higher quality which means starting again fresh. i am currently redoing my Dark version coz a recent release that is nearly the same but for a Scania R.



4 thoughts on “Harley Quinn white / Scania R Topline

  1. very great skin

  2. sorry, im still rookie at pcs. this an odd file, i will b workin on this one in the next couple of days much better quality

  3. Despite you saying low quality, I imagine that the HD version would be somewhat mind blowing, thankyou for sharing. I can’t wait to pop it in and see what it looks like in game, thanks again!

    1. thanx for ur comment, i am workin on it now and i will share high def as soon as its done. as an SCS fife n not a dds file this time lol

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