Harsh Russia Baikal 1.26.x

Harsh-Russia-Baikal-1 Harsh-Russia-Baikal-2

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Adapted version : 1.26.x
Removed extra shields (where was the passport photo) all over the map.
Trucks default.
Part 1 (def on top)
Part 2 (map below)
Watch the video.
In the archive you have created a profile for those who have problems with creating a new one.
Who played on the old save to the r4, a standard module for europe, those can go on your profile and those who created profiles starting with r4 on the module bayikalr4.mbd, they create a new profile and start from 0.
Pak Russian traffic from Jazzycat
Good luck Goba!!!

Author : goba6372
Adaptation: _69_mf_

DOWNLOAD 1.9 GB [Yadi.sk]
DOWNLOAD 1.9 GB [Cloud.mail]

20 Responses to Harsh Russia Baikal 1.26.x

  1. el says:

    It’s crach for me when I created the profile and after load to chose a city:p
    Help please!

  2. Dan says:

    The archive is corrupt

  3. Beth says:

    Do We Have To Disable All DLC’s

  4. venntie says:

    Es gibt leider immer wieder probleme mit den mappen .entweder sie laufen oder es funzt ned ,Bei mir genau daselbe auch mit den anderen kompitalen mappen ,immer wieder daselbe theater ,Ich nehme ab jetzt nur noch einzelne mappen die auch wirlich spielbar sind ,Ich habe endgültig die nase davon voll, Die eine funzt die andere wieder ned ,Mann mann ägerlich sowas :((

  5. Yuri says:

    Для корректного запуска на ETS 2 (1.26.3s) , нужно отключить следующие
    длс: dlc_fr , dlc_east , dlc_north ( создать новую папку там ,где находятся ДЛС и переместить туда конфликтующие ДЛС )

  6. Sibiryak54 says:

    Это какая версия байкала?

  7. AwkwardDriver says:

    scandinavian and going east Dlc must be disabled?

  8. yakuza88sk says:

    does it work with promods, rusmap, open space and southern region

  9. Серега says:

    поставил но у меня игра слитает. че делать?

  10. ThommyLee says:

    Amazing map, but any chance to
    – change scale (not 1:1)
    – less traffic density
    Thank you ! 🙂

  11. Little Johny says:

    Can somebody give me a profile? I m really bored with collecting money again and bla bla bla…Cheat Engine does not work to level up and unlock everything. Pls!

    • pikts says:

      cheat engine works perfect.true,need to do minimal 2 races

  12. Niko says:

    Дайте сохранку, без нее не запущу

  13. hikola1980 says:

    Карты вылитают

  14. алекс says:

    у меня вылетает что удолить надо и где у меня игра через стим

  15. pikts says:

    not finished map.i see need more time for fixes to upload this for people.when you make an emergency call and it brings you to the 1st repair station over all the map back from allmoste the target when it is many statioins near by…no thanks.i dont want to play same hour or 2 again till next acsident and go back to start position.besise you cant leave the repair platform,you just stuck there…and its just 1 thing of many others.

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