Heavy Rain v 2.0 By Darkcaptain

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*Works with ETS2 1.34,x & 1.35 Open Beta

This new version has all the work completely changed (audios, effects etc..)

– Rain drops better textures from inside cabin
– Better Rain particles of the wheels (truck and AI Traffic)
– Rain more intense from inside cabin
– Better rain sounds from inside cabin & outside
– Better windshield effect
– New randoms thunders sounds added

IMPORTANT!!!! Put Heavy Rain in your mod Folder and ACTIVATE IT AS HIGHT PRIORITY!! (Top)
place THIS MOD above mods like Nextgen, RGM, Weather mods etc.


cipinho (volume adjust)
frkn64 (rain textures)

Darkcaptain, Cipinho, Frkn64


16 Responses to Heavy Rain v 2.0 By Darkcaptain

  1. neranjana says:

    HD Video Test 1.35


  2. PolishDriverTruck says:

    Video Test 1.35…

  3. TopEngine says:

    1.34 MOD Before & After Video:


  4. squirrel says:

    Why lock the file?? if i wanted to make edits or adjust the sound files that’s pretty annoying, please fix this in your next update i love the weather but depending on the pc the fps can be limited hence why id like to edit to either increase decrease raindrops

    • Darkcaptain says:

      Hi squirrel,

      You can unlock the file with “SCS_Unlocker” you can find on Google.

  5. zoharashi says:

    Can you please reduce the interior sound? It’s much loudy.

    Otherwise, great mod.

    • Darkcaptain says:


      What is the problem with interior sound? for me is ok (you can see videos).
      Anyway, soon i release new version without modify sound volume.

  6. Haxo says:

    ###…..Please more Videos!! NOOBS!

  7. kasrowi says:

    awesome rain mod, but sounds is very loud 🙁

    • Darkcaptain says:

      Thanks, what happened with sounds? for me it’s fine, and I see that the videos are also good … maybe you have another sound mod that affects the sound of Heavy Rain mod …

      Anyway, soon i release new version without modify sound volume 🙂

      • Kasrowi says:

        uhmm darkcaptain was it sound fixes pack 19.3 cause this maybe?
        anyway i still gonna use this rain mod 😀 i love the heavy raindrops looks

  8. Scarret says:

    If possible create a functional mod on / off the light inside the cabin, it is difficult to find one and taking into account this beautiful mod of rain … the light is easy

  9. Leon says:

    What is the name of this second image mod that leaves the gps information compressed at the top of the screen? There, great work on your rain mod, I await the update to normalize the volume of the sound

    • Kasrowi says:

      ETS 2 and ATS New Route Advisor

    • Darkcaptain says:

      minimal adviser interface in Workshop (Steam)
      Today i release new version without modify sound volume.

  10. Samuel says:

    Mano eu coloco o mod mais nao esta indo
    Nisto que ha dois arquivos um é Darkcaptain
    E o outro fox, qual eu ponho primeiro ou quel é o correto?

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