Hino 500 by S.M.T

Hino-500-1 Hino-500-2

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– 5-6 chassis
– 2 cabins
– Many accesories
– Find in Mercedes Dealer


Author: KETS2i


20 Responses to Hino 500 by S.M.T

  1. TRISTAN says:

    please passwort

    • Terra says:

      Subscribe, …why?!!, you put a video without any connection with the above truck…

    • kent76 says:

      Your Video dislike +1. You’re welcome~

  2. john says:

    NO password

  3. chatdoz says:

    Download 2 times:
    Say’s:” wrong password ( KETS2) or corrupted archive…..”
    useless in this state,so bad,seem’s a pretty good truck…

  4. ERGY says:

    The password is KETS2I ok
    Just that

  5. Guss says:

    Hello everyone, I have this video to help you to know (not) everything about this truck before you download it. https://youtu.be/hTRw1H3a-kA

  6. Tommy says:

    Nice truck!Hope you can change the dashboard in next update 🙂

  7. Olson says:

    Download link broken

  8. Bobbo662 says:

    Why do you put a password if you want people to download your work? Go figure!

  9. Anonymous says:

    download link broken !!!

  10. erick says:

    Link delte

  11. I BAO PRAM TH says:


  12. Gnome says:

    Link Broken, Please Fix 🙁

  13. Senang Cari Mod ETS2I says:

    v 1.25 kok setir nya macet belok kiri terus nih

  14. Senang Cari Mod ETS2I says:

    buat version brp gan ^_^

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