Home Near Poznan

Near-Poznan-1 Near-Poznan-2

It was made purely recreationally for one of the drivers for my business, after his release he will not be needed anymore and I spend it for the good of society.

Authors: GrakuPL & ProMods Team


6 Responses to Home Near Poznan

  1. Steini says:

    But the users want homes in their countries. 🙂

  2. Scaniadriver of rh trucking says:

    holidays in poznan sounds good too mate
    dont know if this would be good to look for users wishes and build a private house in every beautyful place in every town in every country

    thanks for sharing

  3. #### says:

    можно возле Гданьска на берегу моря

  4. fred says:

    please, put one in each country

  5. Rickerd says:

    Can i use it with promods of a nother map ?

  6. Anthony Perry says:

    Does it work for TSM

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