Honda Civic VTEC 2

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Honda Civic VTEC 2

Tek Sıkıntısı İnteriordaki Aynalarda Aracin gövdesi Gözükmüyor :/

-3 Ön Tampon
-3 Egzoz
-4 Far
-3 Sis
-4 Panjur
-2 Lastik
-2 Spoiler
-20 Küsür Jant
-1 Tozluk
-3 Arka Stop


1 Bug İnterior Mirror Dont Show Car :/

-3 Front Bumper
-3 Exhaust
-4 Lights
-3 Fog Light
-4 Grill
-2 Wheel
-2 Spoiler
-20 Rims
-3 Rear Lights

Huseyin Karadana


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8 thoughts on “Honda Civic VTEC 2

  1. nice like

  2. Hi, happy new year!
    Can you make it stand alone and compatible for Audi a8 by Diablo?
    Big Thanks!

  3. Please do DACIA LOGAN (2008 model) PLZZZZZ

  4. nice car thx

  5. Stoian Mario

    From what dealership i buy this car?

  6. herpsi123

    why i cant edit engine? 16vtc and other engines are empty when opening with notepad++
    also when extracting the mod, it says most of files are corrupted

  7. Nice mod, can u made peugeot 207 plz

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