Hungary Map v0.9.25 by Frank007 for patch 1.18.x


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HUNGARY MAP v0.9.25 by Frank007 is RELEASED! It’s compatible with the patch 1.18!

The map contains only 70 cities so far, but I plan to add over 300 cities.

You need to create a new profile, this map is standalone.



64 thoughts on “Hungary Map v0.9.25 by Frank007 for patch 1.18.x

    1. ROG Gaming HD

      Euro Truck Simulator 2 HUNGARY MAP v0.9.26+ (1.20/1.21) [by Frank007] Gameplay:

  1. Oчень интересная карта.Спасибo!

  2. TodoMundoLocko

    Looks cool! Works with others maps?

    1. No Todo it is stand alone so new module is needed. Very awesome map

  3. la carte et pas mal. mais il ni a pas le mot de passe . merci de me le passer .

  4. Bless, you. I was losing hope for more cities. 70 cities! Nice update!

    1. adham arto

      Where do I put the files even work ?? Helped me

      1. pouver vous me donner le mot de passe de la map merci

        1. emmm il n’y a pas de mot de passe sur la map !!!!

  5. need to let this map work with TSM or other maps together alone is not fun to drive

    1. Faelandaea


      Alone this map has more fun packed in it than all other map mods combined. Now that this is out I haven’t even touched my TSM or MHA profiles.

      I guess it depends on personal preference though. I’d rather have next-to-real-time driving in a larger scaled area with loads of detail than a huge region of nothing but the same roads and absolutely no detail at all. TSM gets kinda cool in southern Italy with the cluttered yards, but other than that it’s still not near as realistic as this map.

      Also, bear in mind, maps are dependent on scale. Due to this map being a different scale, there is no way it will ever ever be able to work with any other map in the game.

  6. Thank you! I love driving on this map!

  7. Faelandaea

    Frank007 – thanks for this map. LOADS of fun (pun intended) to drive XD. The only issues I had with the driving thus far were a lot of old model errors – very eaily fixed though as all I had to do was bring em into Blender and re-export them in 1.4x format, which only boosted performance and got MUCH better framerates 🙂 Also, one of the AI vehicles has some reflection missing – was easily fixed also.

    Overall – my favorite map. I think I said it before on a prior version, but I’d be in total bliss if someone were to do something on this scale for the Netherlands or Switzerland. I do not plan to learn how to do maps until ATS comes out, but in the meantime, this map gives PLENTY to do and lots of neat eye candy to last well until then XD

    Thank you, Frank007. Awesome work XD

    1. peux tu me donner le mot de passe de sept carte merci

  8. Paulo Ribeiro

    Uauu! Sem dúvidas, para mim, o melhor mod de mapa para o ETS2 e olha que o Promods na minha opinião é excelente, mas o Hungary Map é campeão.
    Agradeço ao Frank007 em continuar a editar e melhor este mapa, muito obrigado, parabéns e continue, pois seu mod é o melhor!
    Abraços a todos.

  9. Nimeni.Altu

    hey man, your map its ok, the white color SHINE TO MUCH
    and i CANT drive american trucks…..
    to small intersections and to small the company’s to park the trailers…
    otherwise your map looks good, nice one!

    1. Excuse me, but could you drive American trucks there in real life? I doubt that. So what would be the point to make unrealistic Hungarian roads? There’s a reason you don’t see American trucks that often in Europe.

      1. Nimeni.Altu

        i was thinking to be rude… but its ok because i can drive my peterbilt 379 on that roads….. BUT I GUESS FOR YOU ITS IMPOSSIBLE! 😛 :)))

  10. adham arto

    Please Password

  11. WobblyCaptain

    I was amazed at this map first time around but their where a few problems that spoilt it.
    I spent around 3hrs yesterday on this new map and was amazed at the detail this map creator has created a near living world to drive on and dare I say the best I have driven on so far? Time will tell.
    Just as a stand alone map it seems to have more in it than many others a lot of work has gone in this and I hope to feature it on my channel soon.
    Loving the cargo areas some nice challenging parking areas.

    1. I agree man. Hungary map stands out to me as the best map as well and really stands out in detail and immersion. Sure other maps are bigger but I really like this one. Thanks again Frank007 for a map well done!

      1. CES quoi le mot de passe merci

  12. adham arto

    Please help
    Where do I put files to be run

    1. peux tu me donner le mot de passe de cette carte merci

  13. adham arto

    Where do I put files to work ?????

    1. Nimeni.Altu

      just rename the file: ….. with magyar.scs
      and put it on the save of ETS2 in
      My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod …
      he put a password because he work hard on this awesome map!!! ….

      1. ces quoi le mot de passe merci

      2. moi sa ne marche pas . pourtant j ai respecter ce que vous avers écris .sa mi dit que j ai un problème avec ma sauvegarde .et je n en et pas .

  14. franchement je suis trop dégouté ça devrait être interdit de faire des map pareil!!!! Depuis que je connais cette carte je ne peux plus jouer avec aucune autre carte tellement celle-ci est “réaliste”. Un décor dense et travaillé. La seul carte qui peux lui arriver à la cheville c’est la promods sinon la tsm est immense mais les décors varient peu (beaucoup trop d’autoroutes dans les deux cas)!!
    Quand j’ai vu hungary map + new town sur la 1.18 j’ai eu une érection. Et elle tourne parfaitement sur la version 1.17 aussi!
    Très très très bonne carte. Un grand bravo pour ceux qui ont contribué à ce projet.
    Putain ce que cette carte m’a manqué!!! PTDR

    1. pouvé vous me donner le mot de passe pour cette map merci

  15. Hi. Beautiful and demanding job. Returns the Hungarian roads reality.
    Thanks Frank007———-Sziasztok. Szép és igényes munka. Visszaadja a magyar utak valóságát.
    Köszönet érte Frank007

  16. WobblyCaptain

    My first look at the Hungary Map by Frank007
    I am liking the map very much.

    1. CES quoi le mot de passe merci

      1. T’es lourd…

  17. Nimeni.Altu

    nice job man!!
    in the next version PLEASE SEPARATE THE WEATHER MOD FROM THE MAP MOD! …..THANK YOU! ….. you just made my ETS2 more beautiful, was very borring with the same map of europe in it…. even the time and the kilometers seems real :)))) …..GREETING FROM ROMANIA! try to make all those cities who are on the map, it will be the biggest map ever!!!

  18. Thanks Man, you are great. Fantastic work and we are waiting for more

  19. Too bad no password, I downloaded it but I can’t play it

  20. WobblyCaptain

    Has the password now been removed ?
    I know this map did require a password of which I now have forgotten but I have had a few inquires about the password?
    Dose it still require a password ? And if so where do you find it?

  21. hey just seen a stagecoach bus numver 64 rout at that road works lol

  22. is the map owner would make cities of uk as uk is slaking from map makers i realy want to see a lot of uk citys please think about it owner of this map

  23. Frank007 the best!

    1. CES quoi le mot de passe merci

  24. WobblyCaptain

    Did another delivery today But the economy seems so difficult on this map.
    Never the less a great map well done Frank007

  25. great map frank 007 but why cant i add my money mod at a few kb and this should be a joined on to the rest of europe make one heck of a brill map./job well done please reply back frank

  26. Awesome map Frank007!!!
    I visit this website everyday checking to see your latest update. I almost can’t stop playing this map…as it reminds me so much of Hungary when I was there back in 1998 & 2002.
    I love the new changes like advert signs & police!
    I hope you can expand the map going west of Lake Balaton…I’d like to ask if you could add : Csopak, Sumeg & Janoshaza.
    Millio Puzsi,
    Amanda & John x:-D

  27. Frank– I have been waiting for two things which are extremely disappointing and have still never improved .
    1. Time for travel to the pickup location once setup is never over 15 min and even though you have 70 locations the average drive time is well over the time allowed to get to where your cargo is located unless you teleport to pick it up and usually is gone by the time you get there, Get The Time Allowance and delivery times set to a realistic value or im done with your efforts.
    2 Your map on the cargo selection chart is no better than the very first issue. Better make resemble the SCS standard or you will be wasting a lot of your time and end up with a very small following regardless of 300 or 3000 cities on your map.
    I will say you have a very well detailed layout of roads in the map, But that is pointless if #1 and 2 don’t get improved.
    Under the current conditions only driving to all cities to see what is available one by one or using a bus to drive as a tourist is the present strategy of all your efforts as I presently see your efforts.

  28. moi sa ne marche pas . sa me dit que ma sofgarde ne marche pas . mais je n en et pas . et ce que on pourrai m aider merci

  29. bonjour quel est le mot de passe merci

  30. For those asking for a password, there is no password needed for this mod

    Simply put the file inside the C:\Users\username\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod folder (do not extract the file with winrar/winzip)

    Load the game, create a new ETS2 profile, enable the mod and choose the hungary module from the drop list and play the game.

    1. j ai fait tout ce que tu a dit mais sa ne marche pas . proutent je n et pas de sofgarde et sa me dit que sa ne marche pas cosse de la sofgarde

  31. hallo

    deine MAP´S haben mich sehr begeistert
    würdest du dir getrauen,romänien ,bulgarien,serbien moldavien in einer mit
    tsm kompertiblen version zu erstellen,ich weiss es ist eine schweine arbeit aber in deinen map ist leben
    mach weiter so

  32. kontrol ur kontol

    one of best standalone map

  33. Captain Phenom

    This is an amazing map. I was a bit put off in the beginning knowing that I have to start a new profile. But once I started the first delivery… oh man… it just blew me away. The roads are so similar to those in real life. Narrow streets in cities, great roads outside the cities, police hiding behind bushes sometimes, haha. Excellent map. Oh and those delivery points – those are just brilliant – you can really show your skills (or polish them in those places). Sometimes it seams a slow map, especially because of all the police and tight corners, narrow roads combination, but I think I have this impression just because I was used to play on the original SCS map or Promods which have wide roads, where you can go fast and speed cameras are always signaled. But this, this is very real life driving. A proper simulator.
    Thanks for this wonderful map and really looking forward to new additions to it.

  34. cual es la contraseña brother

  35. Install map – check;
    Drove drooling at the scenery and level of detail, AMAZING – check;
    Entered one city with 70 km/h – 450 EUR went to the police fine. Phew, got away, pedal to the metal and… another 450 go to the police. My third job I spent more on fines than I got as job revenue.
    Can’t wait to drive from Debrecen to Pecs or Gyor 😛

    And yes, it is real, I drove in real life in Hungary and I even recognized a MOL gas station where I stopped in real life near Budapest!

    Keep up the good work!

    Dang, not another 450….

  36. 1.18.1s verzió van telepítve, de mikor betölteném, kiírja hogy betöltési hiba, majd felsorol néhány lehetséges hibát, amik közül lényegében csak a verzió különbségből fakadhat a gond… de mint írtam…
    Valami tipp?

    1. Válaszd kia a Hungary.mdb modult amikor csinálod a profilt!

  37. Helló kedves Frank007meg tudnád mondani, hogy kb. mikor jön az új verzió. mert Fót-ot már nagyon várom, igaz én Romániában élek de az unokatestvéremék Fót-on laknakés nagyon sokat jártam ott 🙂

  38. David3000

    Password please?



    Please NO UNZIP or password appear …just copy and paste ARCHIVE …´´Magyar´´ WINRAR.ZIP… in Mods folder …Create New Profile …Active Mod ´´Magyar´´in game and select option ´´Hungary.mbd´´ in Module Game

  40. Szabó Benedek

    Nem tudom letölteni…

  41. gokussaiyan3

    will this map with promods and Rusmap?

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