Hyundai Universe Express Noble Updated

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This is Hyundai Universe Express Noble. It is orginal Bangladeshi Hyundai Model.

Supported Version: 1.31-1.35

Dealer: Scania_3

There is a review :

=> There are 3 model likes CDK, CBU Spoiler + Without Spoiler.
=> Side window glass are also different.
=> It has also orginal Hyundai AC, Type, Rims, Engine, Transmission, Orginal Hyundai Sound etc.
=> It is seen orginal Hyundai Model like Vietnam.
=> There are 4 different chesis with different paints.

Fahim Auvro


One thought on “Hyundai Universe Express Noble Updated

  1. l_rakib_l

    some issues in v1.36.55 dlc
    crashes frequently
    liveries don’t work properly.
    need to fix…

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