Improved Drivers v 1.0

-This mod replaces both default men and women driver models in ETS2 on more quality ones;
-Suitable for both EU/UK interiors;
-Baked textures with AO and optimized models geometry;
-Clean log

Model animation is not supported!

Mod was tested on ver. 1.30.x.

[Please do not reupload this mod to other filehostings and keep original link!
It is prohibited to use any parts of this mod without permission and for commercial purposes!

All my mods are free to download and will be distributed this way in the future too. However, If you appreciate what i`m doing and want to support my work, you can transfer any amount of money using this link:

AlexeyP, Naughty dog


10 thoughts on “Improved Drivers v 1.0

  1. Nice, for ATS please 😉

  2. Good mod 😉

  3. Mod works (with very little bug – driver position inside truck will not be perfect) on ATS too, guys. But i plan to release special version for ATS too.

    1. would be great if you give them a coolest pose, but they are very nice thanks, about animations it’s hard to see it usually maybe a head movement?

  4. Thank you very much for sharing this nice mod! Looking great ingame.

  5. Very nice , Thanks)

  6. пассажира-напарника если можно пожалуйста

  7. Clément LABBE

    looking good with uncharted characters ??

  8. katie08cd

    wow compliments, did you use zmodeler to create the skins? I would like to make my version with brown hair with a white long-sleeved blouse

  9. Merci beaucoup!

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