Improved Graphics v 3.0

Improved-Graphics-v-3.0-1 Improved-Graphics-v-3.0-2 Improved-Graphics-v-3.0-3 Improved-Graphics-v-3.0-4

New in v 3.0 version:
– Taken some materials that did not behave well to the game
– Several improvements in high definition for all types of weather were added
– All colors were filtered and improved for better results at weaker PC

Authors: Vinicius Murilo (Praank), Leandro Silva


6 thoughts on “Improved Graphics v 3.0

  1. miguelj12

    hola tengo una duda mi computadora es una laptop de 64 mb de graficos se me ve asi si le pongo este mod?

  2. how to keep enable the HDR Bloom with this mod?
    coz every other graphic mod seems disabling it

  3. Improved Graphics V2.0-213 MB. Improved Graphics v 3.0-153 MB ???

  4. Brian Earl Spilner

    You should fix the sand texture, you can see in pictures it doesn’t match up properly so you can see where it repeats.

    1. good mod, thank you

  5. ERROR 500 internal server error!

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