Improved Physics Mod v 1.9

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Mod is Ready vor ETS2 v.1.32 and all owned Trailer

This Mod improve the physics of all Stock Trucks of the Game. The Suspension and the physics is softer than before.

Caution: With this physics Mod the vehicles tend to tilt as in reality easier. But the driving experience is much more realistic. It supports all chassis.

As Bonus: In addition, the physics of the standard trailer of the game has been adjusted slightly. In order not only the trucks feels more realistic, but also the semi-trailers.

Small Encore: Adjusted Photo-Mode for a larger Camera Range.

Required Addons:
– Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack DLC
– Heavy Cargo Pack DLC
– High Power Cargo Pack
– Special Transport DLC
– Krone Trailer Pack



2 thoughts on “Improved Physics Mod v 1.9

  1. merci pour ce mod fonctionne tres bien

  2. Bitte baue eine neue Physics für 1.33
    Diese geht nicht mehr

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