Improved Snowflakes v 2.0


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The second version of the texture replacement mod raindrops to
snowflakes. Even more snowflakes and melting snow on the windows.
Suitable for all versions of the game and the winter weather mods,
priority must be higher than the weather fashion.



4 thoughts on “Improved Snowflakes v 2.0

  1. rarın şifresi ne

  2. dropadred

    Hey bid, have you not been thinking about tweaking it and remove the drop effect, like in this mod ?

    Anyway, finally the snow and not rain-like snow.
    Great job.

  3. RedDragonMK

    This is what i’ve been looking for a long time ago … Excellent mod !!! Try to re-make the raindrops like the one in „Real Snowfall v 2.0 for Wintermods ETS2 1.25 and above“- mod, this combination will be perfect !!!

    1. RedDragonMK The result will be similar, if everyone in the def / game_data.sii in the bottom of the file, change the following lines:
      drop_count_per_meter: 700000
      initial_splash_scale: 1.0
      splash_duration: 0.15
      minimal_lifetime: 30
      maximal_lifetime: 50
      minimal_fadeout: 0.5
      maximal_fadeout: 2.0
      distortion_strength: 1.0
      blur_strength: 1.0
      deformation_duration: 1.0
      maximal_deformation: 1.6

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