Improved Weather Reload R5


Improved Weather Reload R5 for ETS2 1.14 version .

Another excellent version for Improved Weather Reload released!

What contains this version R5:
– Completely reworked the weather using 92’s sky high resolution textures;
– Changed the light of lanterns and lights of traffic;
– Two versions of fashion: HD and SD (compressed textures, for owners of low iron);
– 30 types of weather during the day;
– 18 kinds of dawn;
– 15 types of sunset;
– 14 species pm;
– 3 types of rain;
– Several types of night;
– Adjust the frequency of morning fog, heavy fog is rare;
– Adjust HDR for night illumination light sources;
– No extra Bloom`a;
– Orange light lamps;
– Fixed Flare traffic;
– The shadows of the clouds.
– Fixed model Skybox.
– Returned model of the sun.
– The sun is hidden in the rain Alpha channel.
– Improved lighting and rays of the sun.
– New Flares.
– Changed the haze and DOF.
– Improved texture of the sky.
– Fixed transition fog in the morning and evening.
– And much more.

Not recommended for use with other modes of weather!

Many thanks Supric, Knox_xss, Hoss, Gricko, DANZ

#1 HD version r5

Note Author: Textures are compressed with maximum quality for further editing.

Authors: BlackOpen, Supric

DOWNLOAD 636 MB [sharemods]

12 thoughts on “Improved Weather Reload R5

  1. Female Trucker

    I would love to download this as your Weather mod is always the only one I use, However !! As I use HD version, it takes to long to Download, please find another downloader, so that I can download it quicker, I may as just keep IWR4 until then.

  2. Female Trucker

    It’s ok, I use Sharemods and downloaded it a lot quicker, uploaded takes far to long.

  3. i was waiting for this,you guys are awesome….keep the great work going..
    thank you

  4. fenomenu75


  5. Combined Brutal Environment brilliant sky weather effect !!!
    Thank you for great effort…

  6. Nice work!
    I would like to raise this weather (little conversion) my Brutal engine if authorize mr BlackOpen and mr Supric…

    1. Stewen you did very well Brutal Env. mods
      Brutal Env more pleasant when used in IW

      Thank you so much fellas..

      1. awaiting reply….

  7. always good, me too been waiting 4 this mod to come bak, makes a big differents too the atmosphere of the game, n realy nice vehicle flares, but lol, is there any way that wen flare mods r added if he ai could turn there lights off in the day time, or is it just me. Great Work

  8. is there difference between latus graphics amd improved weather… i find both a bit same.. :]

  9. MirmoZibang

    Does it work (no issue) with TRUE AI LIGHTS 6 ? 🙂

  10. pickatimu

    upload to better sites like mega please dont upload to sites which max speed is 70 kb/s

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