Improved Weather v 1.2


– Improves sunrise and sunset adds 3 ways
– Removes the black clouds on the horizon
– Configured for gamma vcey weather
– Four Types of night, full moon and new moon
– Three kinds of rain: strong (default), medium and cloudy
– Four kinds of good weather during the day: clear, cloudy, dark clouds
– Reduced the bloom effect in the afternoon
– Added fog in the morning

Author: BlackOpen


15 thoughts on “Improved Weather v 1.2

  1. Harpiadriver

    Esse V 1.2 roda bem na versão 1.7.0s ?

  2. Thanks!

  3. If you are using Red Expert mod, load this after it.

    Beside that, nice job, really like it.

  4. why are 4 doc in arhive?i must put them all in mod folder to work fine or what.pls give me an answer

    1. john avgos

      robert what did you do, you put and the 4 archive or only the big file(zzzImproved_weather_1_2)??the old Improved Weather 0.8 had only one!

  5. 4x mod files in download? which one do we use? or do we use all….

  6. i had to check if it’s the same author before download, cuz the first version was awesome and i’m sure this one will be too !

  7. Author can you make the mod to winter mod too or same similil what works winter mod

  8. thank you for your answer.

  9. #### doesn’t work no map zoom, possible only for normal eu map,so keep it.

  10. Thx. Its cool!

    My short setup:
    a) Win7 x64
    1) ETS 2 v1.7.1s (Steam update automatically)
    2) DLC Going East!

    🙂 Profile TSM 4.1.2

  11. Please, include a readme so we know what the different files do! Also, PLEASE fix the sound, all the environment sounds are very loud, like you got your door open or something… It’s unplayable because of this… Trucks have in general very good soundproofing and you don’t hear the surrounding cars 🙂

  12. I understand why the mod is “locked”, but changing the time should be possible, I would love to set the night to start at 19.00 and end around 6.00, would be a bit better.

    1. I agree… and still is a very cool mod

  13. Link is down

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