Improved Weather v1.3.5


– Improves the sunrise and sunset adds. 5 options.
– Adjust gamma for all weather.
– Four types of night, full moon, new moon and clear and cloudy.
– Three types of rain: strong (default), Medium, and overcast.
– Eight kinds of clear weather during the day: Clear, cloudy, dark
– Reduced Bloom effect afternoon.
– Added fog in the morning.
– Improved headlights.



7 thoughts on “Improved Weather v1.3.5

  1. ddfgfgdf

  2. quarantine well a great improvement on the default

  3. What about TSM Map zoom fix? Is it included here?

  4. Video plz

  5. @dr_jaymz

    nice… works fine 4 me… thanks!

  6. Thanks. Probably won’t notice much change in-game.

  7. Crashes on my game after switching from 1.3.2 to 1.3.5???

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