Improving Road Texture By Thalken


Mod work on all version and all maps.
-Replace old road line texture by yellow road line (Center and offset of highway,single double line…,broken white lines still keeping defaults).

P/s: Please, show your respect by the way didn’t upload again my mod,if you’re want to share in another forum or blog then you’re can copy original link in this topic.



10 thoughts on “Improving Road Texture By Thalken

  1. Great idea,thanks you Thalken.

  2. Thank you very much ,you are great ,u take my request and create this one thanks a lot. Thalken

    1. No problem bro. Because old road line too boring,maybe my mod will make this game a new winds 😀

  3. Very useful when raining,the mirrors can see very clearly in behind both sides of truck,thank for sharing Thalken.

  4. This thing so awesome,maybe us will give you a new nickname is (MOR). Who knows what those words mean? To suggest,last word is Realistic

  5. Very nice mod Thalken. Also you can make a mod with a “rusty” (dirt wheels rail) on those lines to become even more realistic. ;)… Also, if you decide to make your own map, make your own “road_look” (for instance, “road_look.thalken.sii”, without quotes, of course) and there just play with those numbers that I already wrote to Josh on your realistic physics. Like this, you’ll have very closer to real life lines combinations. ;)… For instance, I have in my map (especially on mountains roads) combinations between yellow and white lines and also between break and continuous lines. So, instead of double white lines, I have a break line for those who came from the top of the hill (with “no limits” sign) and continuous line from those who go up on the hill (with “no overtaking sign, like in real life). Also I added on this road (in my “road_look.tfv.sii”) the statement and all the time AI traffic will break the law (continuous line), like in real life. ;)… Yesterday night I had that situations when in a bend with zero visibility I “woke up” with some dude in front of me, who overtook illegally (continuous line, no overtaking sign, bend with zero visibility) some sheep with shepherd. I avoided a frontal crash, but I “scratched” very good my paint from right side of a crash barrier. :)… Unfortunately, we see this very often in real life with those mad drivers and sometimes we don’t have that luck as I had it in game (to have enough space on right side where to go). So, that statement (allow_wrong_way[]: “”) and your AI traffic mod, makes game closer to real life… To have this kind of AI behavior, don’t forget to change also a few from your desire AI traffic in def files at: “max_speed:” statement. ;)… Otherwise, if they have the same speed or closer speed (like on ETS 2 default def), they won’t overtake on continuous lines. ;)… For instance, I have on my carts, animals, bikers, runners different speed between all of them. For instance, on sheep with shepherd, I have: “max_speed: 7″ and for gooses, I have ” max_speed: 5″; for all motorbikes, I have “max_speed” between 90 – 190; over 200 speed they will appear very rarely in game and I like many motorbikes in game, like in real life). When I play winter mod, I have a mod with “zzzz” in front of it and inside all def files for motorbikes with ” max_speed” over 200 km/h. Like this they appear very rarely in AI traffic. I could uncheck all motorbikes AI, but I choose not to, because in real life I see every winter a mad man on his bike and also a few on their bicycles! :)… )… Of course, don’t forget to decrease at maximum AI traffic patience and yield blink / horn to have all this (in your “traffic_data.sii”). ;)…
    Btw, I deleted all my demo videos from You Tube, because, as I see, SCS Software will never answer to me. And without their written permission I can’t share my mods in public. So those videos become useless… But, at least (for those who saw my videos) I show them that it’s possible to have also animals, carts, bikers, construction vehicles, tractors etc in traffic, like in real life. ;)… Also I have a few military vehicles (tanks, cars etc) on my AI traffic, but to keep this game non-violent, I choose to uncheck and not to show them in those videos. For AI traffic you can make whatever you want to see in traffic or whatever you saw in real life traffic.:)… It’s easy to make, if you’ll have enough patience to add all details at your models (which I don’t have!:)… ). Same for my idea with animated trailers (aquariums and advertising), which, believe me they show awesome in traffic (of course, in my demo videos they don’t look so pretty, because I used the default ETS 2 “.ogv”, but for myself, I have a real aquariums “.ogv” and videos with my Korean girls bands for advertising trailers!:D…)… If you’ll stuck in a mod, don’t hesitate to ask me and if I’ll know the answer, I’ll be glad to tell you.;)
    Good luck and keep up the great and hard work, Thalken.

  6. -Well done,thanks.

  7. masio6868

    Very good mod.

  8. I would love this mod but I have a feeling you made the UK roads yellow too, which would be very unrealistic. Any chance you could reupload only making sure the UK has standard \white\ lines. Thanks.

    1. Ok,thanks for your report Glenn,i will fix in next version.

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