Indonesian Truck Mudflap Skinpack


Mudflap Skinpack for TC Mega Mod v9. Skin variant:
-Budal Tobat, Mulih Kumat
-Ber 417 an (Berempat Satu Tujuan)
-Be Young Care Rock (Biang Kerok)
-APKTNTAJ (Ape Kate Ente Aje)
-Putus Cinta Sudah Biasa, Putus Rokok Merana, Putus Rem?? Matilah Kita
-Pergi Karena Tugas, Pulang Karena Beras
-The Me Anak Is 3 (Demi Anak Istri)
-Do Now, Casino, In Draw (Dono, Kasino, Indro)

-This mod just skin, not include any mod, This skin compatible with TC
Mega Mod v9

Mudflap by : TC
Skin by : r32zabiser


13 thoughts on “Indonesian Truck Mudflap Skinpack

  1. Nikola Kostovski

    Why Indonesian?!?
    This is Euro Truck,not Indonesian…

    1. r32zabiser

      becauae mudflap text only at Indonesian

    2. r32zabiser

      because the mudflap text only at Indonesian

    3. Because who made this mod is indonesian

  2. because any one can play this game
    not only euro people ๐Ÿ˜€

    i’m Indonesian too ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. r32zabiser

      orang indonesia juga to mas??? salam kenal ya….

      Yang main gak mesti orang2 eropa, orang Indo pun juga ada yang main….

      1. hehehehe iya masberooo
        ane kaskuser yg maen ETS2 ๐Ÿ˜€

        kabar2 ente juga kaskuser ya?

        1. The rules are, you either speak lithuanian, or English. If you can’t then shut up. Obey those rules.

          1. Royalexander

            Are You ###### Norskin!!

            Go home, You’re Drunk!!

  3. wahyusays

    indonesia punya..

    1. gan .. cara bikin mod kayak gitu gimana sih ??? Ane dari Indonesia juga …..

  4. I LIKE ITT…… (y)

  5. RavristerFieraValid

    Work Gax Di 1.4.8 ????

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