Infinite Stratos Pack (test release) v 1.0

This is an Anime-skinpack based on the anime infinite stratos. it contains multiple skins for the Scania RJL R&T and 1 skin for the DAF 105. Also every skin has its own SCS Boxtrailer skin.

Hop ya enjoy it.



5 Responses to Infinite Stratos Pack (test release) v 1.0

  1. Asphroxia says:

    not bad not bad, looking forward to see more of you, are these also on the workshop?

    • Rubb3rduck says:

      not yet. want em there? and im looking for some Skin testers. if ur interested

      • Asphroxia says:

        Sure, i don’t mind testing some stuff, feel free to add me on steam, same name as here

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