Interior Package Scania R and S 2016 v 1.1 ETS2 1.31.XX

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– 8 different interiors.
– For Scania R and S 2016.
– Interiors for normal cabin, and high cabin.
– Independent mod, adds the interiors, does not replace them.
– All interiors unlocked from the zero level.

New in this version:

– Add all the above.
– Chromed additives in various colors to the steering wheels. (See image above or video)

Author: Rockeropasiempre

Weight of the file: 89 Mb




8 Responses to Interior Package Scania R and S 2016 v 1.1 ETS2 1.31.XX

  1. JoachimK says:

    They are very nice and I like them.
    BUT: No Attach Points for Interior Parts like Tables,
    or Sisl or JeyJey AddOns.
    May be you can update them ?
    Would be nice and friendly. 🙂

  2. Mistraou says:

    Hi Rockeropasiempre,
    Thanks for this nice mod. As JoachimK, I miss the attach points… Please do something!
    Question: in your video, you keep both versions activated in the mod manager. Is this necessary?

  3. MrGermanDriver says:

    Mistraou search in Google and you will find the answer to your question

    • JoachimK says:

      You cannot accuse somebody and answer with a stupid Reply.
      This is the second Version of this Mod, I have the 2 !
      If you don´t know, thats call UPDATE !

      And as first, search on this and other Sites for this Mod, please.
      And bring a real Proof (Author, Links, etc.)!!!

      I got a Lot of his Mods in the last Years and never somebody did what you do here.

      And Google gives the same Author. Except the illegal Uploads on other Sites.

  4. Rockeropasiempre says:


    Tell me where, put here original link, and author.

    You do not believe it or your friend who is robbed. 2 months of work to make all the interiors independent.

    There always have to be trolls on the internet.

    A friendly greeting.

  5. Rockeropasiempre says:

    Hello, all friends.

    I do not know what the #### is happening, but it’s true, that someone is supplanting my identities, as you can see in the message above, this “Rockeropasiempre”, I do not know where it came from. I will put everything in the hands of the administration of the forum.

    On purpose that if the mod is stolen or not. The mod is NOT STOLEN, I have stuck 2 months creating the first version of the mod. Then I created the second version where I add colors for the flyers. Now I am working on the third version. To see if the ready of turn that you are saying that the mod is stolen, you can search by google the third version. You will not find it because it is not yet created, I am working on it. All these are stupid comments from someone who has proposed to do harm, but as I said, I will take the appropriate measures to resolve the matter.

    Greetings to all.

  6. игорь says:

    салоны красивые,да жаль мод на бортовой компьютер от Piva не хочет с ними работать.

  7. Pipa25 says:

    Game crash!

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