International 9800i v 2.0


– HQ detailed and textures
– Sounds
– Interior
– Tuning
– Wheels

New: fixed crashes in dealer ship while buying, changed textures.

Authors: Blinkman, Softlab, Ventures, SCS Softwar, thegreatjoe


19 thoughts on “International 9800i v 2.0

  1. Stop making ###### mods #######

  2. Sorry for my English.
    Have version 1.9.22, with empty MOD folder for testing.
    And nothing has changed in this version, at least for my case.
    Brake lights do not work properly.
    Reverse lights, do not light up.
    Reverse lights not working.
    The interior is still a mess with this curtain and the texture of the Panel.
    I wonder if when is released the version 1.9.24 for non customers of Steam, work?

  3. can you make a tires only?

  4. slylecoco


    but …



  5. This fashion is full of bugs

  6. @dr_jaymz

    dude why u lie? have all the same bugs (and the horrible blue curtain) of the 1.0 version…

  7. I am so confused…does this guy owe you something? why everybody expect this mod to be just the way you like? This is his mode…he wanted those curtains to exist so he made them…you dont like them? go fix them. the file is free to edit. I myself dont like the curtains either. I myself had problems with I tried to fix these but didnt make it. so,I stay nice and polite for his further upgrades and hope the bugs to be solved within.

    1. @dr_jaymz

      dude: is not that hes owe me or something like that, if you post a mod that says in the description:

      – HQ detailed and textures
      – Sounds
      – Interior
      – Tuning
      – Wheels
      New: fixed crashes in dealer ship while buying, changed textures.”

      we expect that all the bugs would been fixed right?, why should post a mod like a v2 if you know that is the same as the v1? thats my complain

      1. All it states that is new is “New: fixed crashes in dealer ship while buying, changed textures.”

        he didn’t say he fixed any other bugs or removed curtains..

        1. @dr_jaymz

          your right about the curtains (thats was only me) but if you read the whole description of the mod u should see what im talking about

          1. No, because it doesn’t say any other bugs were fixed.

    2. Even If I was a modder I ask to him make the curtains and others itens to be optional because someone like, someone don’t, and it is a good idea make optional itens to menu to make almost all happy

      I apreciate the effort, I thx for sharing, but why don’t ask something to be better?

      “oh. if you don’t like, make better” come one. this affirmations is just to try justify that don’t wanna change.

  8. Curtains cleaned?

  9. I guess I understood u. XD

    I think is totally useless disrespectful comments directed to someone who used the own time to learn how to do something, try to do the best(I hope) and still make it available for free … and still be cursed bad words to yourself.

    I will not go into the merits of modders or whatever who use the publications only for clicks and possibly advertising money from websites downloads. Republish the same problem just for this is also very disrespectful and ALL PLAYERS MUST AVOID THIS LINKS and put helpful comments to best for everyone.

    We call it the war of curtains. XD

  10. Authors, FACK YOU

  11. as a modder myself i feel something needs to be said. if a mod is not complete, and has many bugs that you are fully aware of. then do not waste peoples time uploading it. then other have to spend days fixing what you were too lazy to do right in the first place. honestly if you have ANY pride in your work.. FINISH IT! this isnt just directed towards the “creator” this is directed to all modders that feel the need to submit broken mods. i havent found an american truck yet that didnt have bugs that i had to waste my time fixing.

    1. Yep, keep being assholes to the up-and-coming modders so that when they can make a bug-free truck they don’t share it because they remember how you all acted towards them.

      This is the reason the best truck mods are private, modders get sick of assholes like you and give up sharing their work.

  12. What the change is it?

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