Invisible Recruitment Agency Icon


Don’t you hate it when your going for 100% map exploration, and you’re on 99.96% and don’t know why?

Well this mod may be the mod for you!

This mod makes the map icon for the Recruitment Agency’s completely invisible! Yes, thats right! Invisible! OoOOOoOOO!

(SCS forum link:



7 thoughts on “Invisible Recruitment Agency Icon

  1. Dzięki Kolego Spoko Ziom z Cb o to mi właśnie chodziło czekałem starałem sie ile mogłem 99,99% miałem i za chiny nie mogłem znaleźć to odpaliłem chociaż nie szczaiłęm sie gdzie co znikło heh poszukałem 2min heh i akurat znalazłem 100% mapy działą polecam a można wynosić na inne stronki ?

  2. Sorry boy, but please continue playing Minecraft 😉

  3. MinecraftMarioGuy53

    @Daru uś Sorry, I don’t understand Polish. I tried Google Translate, but it made no sense

    @maddison Its just a name, and the description is a little mess around. Does my username really matter?

    1. Nope, this was is not the reason for my comment, I don’t know any purpose for such a mod on a simulation. Why should anyone do so? I think we are driving virtual trucks here and enjoy much Realistics as it is possible.

      But if it gives you fun.. okay 😉

      1. MinecraftMarioGuy53

        I thought of the idea because I was trying to get 100% exploration, and I thought, why not make the icon invisible, so I can see if I explored it? It helped me, those recruitment agency’s were the reason why I couldn’t get 100%.

        1. I agree with you I hate it too and now I can get rid of it thanks to you.

  4. Мод отличный еще б убрать авто салоны не могу найти куда не заезжал

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