Isuzu NPR

Isuzu-NPR-1 Isuzu-NPR-2

Isuzu NPR Truck
Replaced Mercedes Truck
Tested 1.9.22 version

Author: Selo Kaptan


10 thoughts on “Isuzu NPR

  1. Полная Хрень

  2. JONY cheraton

    video please?

  3. Çalışmıyo Not Working !!!!

  4. JONY cheraton

    bad steering wheel

  5. JONY cheraton

    ma7jouba b tmatem

  6. JONY cheraton

    nada f lmaida
    ya7 bani ya7

  7. @dr_jaymz

    thanks for ur effort but thats an ugly ### interior or what

  8. Needs heaps more work done to it and the interior is a start i spose. Needs the proper steering wheel done but apart from that good start with the model.

  9. когда то это было этим


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