Iveco 190-38 Special 1.31

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The truck is completely autonomous.
You can buy it from Iveco dealer.
Specifications is taken from the original documentation

update to 1.31.x

Tested on: 1.31.x patch

DaniLee, Ekualizer


13 thoughts on “Iveco 190-38 Special 1.31

  1. Lilo is Good

    “upload by visitor”
    Hmmm… quite suspicious

    1. Vistor is a mod thief! Don’t download any of this anymore.

      1. TomDooley

        Got proof? Oh right, you don’t. Now get lost.

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.31…
    mod reported

  3. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.31

  4. Not sure ?
    Then you can see this mod here

    Have a nice day

  5. Lilo is Good

    The official thread of Iveco 190-38 Special – Edit by Ekualizer

    Ekualizer only upload to Google, no sharemods, etc…

    1. uploader of this mod

      sorry i saw on another platform with this link i just wanted to share, i didn’t personally edited the link.

  6. Please download from the original site!
    Support the author !
    (orig.mod link in description)
    Thanks !

  7. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here 😀

  8. Selamun aleyküm ,
    Dayılar test videosunu izleyebilirsiniz.

    My test in video.

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