Iveco Eurocargo VIP Etiket 1.36

-buy directly
-etikets: Murat Altin , Emre Isik , Taha Inanli
-real sound
-strobe light
-araci direk alin
-etiketler: Murat Altin , Emre Isik , Taha Inanli
-gercek ses
-cakar lamba

Taha Inanli, Murat Altin, Emre Isik


6 thoughts on “Iveco Eurocargo VIP Etiket 1.36

  1. Sandking

    Same #### as the other iveco eurocargo few days ago. Mirrors not visible once theyre opened with F2.

    1. Taha Inanli

      kullanma lan o zaman it

      1. Sandking

        I dont speak kebab.

  2. what is the point of putting every badge you can find and other #### on the cars in Turkey?

    1. panzerci 34

      thats a 35+ years thing in turkey. in 1980’s there was not much american or european car in turkey so people started modify cars as they want.

  3. merhabalar bu modun yapımcılarına nasıl ulaşabilirim acaba ??

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