Iveco Hi Way Performance Pack


The Pack consist:

Standart engines:
– 600 hp
– 700 hp
– 800 hp
– 900 hp
– 1000 hp

Racing engines:
– 1200 hp
– 1700 hp

Two gears:
– A 6 speed transmissions for engines with 1000 and more Ps for driving with load, without having to turn a lot
– A racing gear for the 1200 and 1700 hp motor for fast driving without charge

Author: Ischunddu84


4 thoughts on “Iveco Hi Way Performance Pack

  1. Your numbers are a bit off, the ‘600hp’ engine makes ~670hp, while the ‘1200hp’ and ‘1700hp’ versions both make around 1120hp.

  2. Link off! repair?!

  3. Hello,this mod works fine but one bug have,s to be fixed : The 1700 HP engine doesn,t shows up for my Iveco Hi-Way.
    Please fix this

  4. thank u very much

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