Iveco Stralis Hi Way 8X4 v 1.0


New Truck for 1.4.1 Game version.

New engine, transmission, (8×4 chassis Iveco Stralis BearTec ) (all axles powered), built-in radio and new tachograph, in the interior of all buttons and controls illuminated, modified sitting position, 6×2 800l tank, 4×2 800l tank, 6×4 800l tank 8×4 1400l tank.

Authors: Gorli, Ulti0


14 thoughts on “Iveco Stralis Hi Way 8X4 v 1.0

  1. Where can you get such a fashion as to the beacons on the roof of the screenshot?


    nice truck next chassis 10×10 plis

  3. it remplace iveco?

  4. It does not replace anything I think, it’s just a new chassis you can buy in the shop. The truck itslf is in patch 1.4

  5. Nice mod,but is to close to dashboard and mirors not visibile!!!

  6. Stralis 8×4 with Cabin of Hi Way? Cool mod hahaha 😀

    1. simleroutier

      What is the mods for the beacon and lighthouse

  7. simleroutier

    c’est quoi le mods pour les gyrophare et les phare

  8. ProjectJaimy

    Where to get those beacons? i realy like em!

  9. LegoLeipzig

    Haut noch nicht hin, Abgasanlage und Tunigteile passen einfach nicht.
    Skin not yet out, exhaust system and Tunigteile just do not fit.

  10. for some reason there is an exhaust pipe sitting along side the passenger side door, if you try add a different exhaust pipe the whole thing floats in mid air outside the truck.

  11. it asks for password when i extract it ###? help

    1. Joel Thankachan

      there is no password

  12. kolos2011

    what password?

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