Jano beta textures sounds pack


Partially-selected, partly for their own creations.
New leather interior for all truck, black, beige, white. New engines,
new transmissions, new environment, factory chrome wheels
textures.Trailer double chrome rims. Black windows.New (brutal) air
horn.New truck sounds.. Tested
X-Brutal-Environment-HD-21-engine-yelow-by-Stewen, mode is optimized
for the texture pack. Sorry for the bad English. 🙂 beta version…
Have fun!!!



5 Responses to Jano beta textures sounds pack

  1. PallMall says:


    the next X-Brutal kiddie ####

  2. Jano says:

    PallMall What’s wrong with the X-brutal mode? Otherwise, only, I used mods made​​, the texture pack as. Transformed, I have a better perceived or fps in a well-functioning modded .. glad to see him, the way you’ve made ​​here ….

  3. Stewen says:

    csak így tovább,, de én már a 6.1-nél járok lassan 🙂

  4. Jano says:

    Köszi! Kombatibilis azzal is.. 5.1-el is..

  5. Ptaku says:

    Is there any possibillity to get link to sound of the renault premium from this mod? It’s awesome:d

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