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Hi this is Shahid here,uploading my first map.Half of the credit goes to Mr Donal who made the jateng part and I have made it extreme. So its Jateng extreme.I hope you will like it. Give me a thanks if you reallly like it.



18 thoughts on “Jateng Extreme Map

  1. Bhagwant Singh


  2. Bhagwant Singh

    Thanks and add more vehicle mods

  3. turkhunter


  4. ardi thege

    is this possible for ets2 v1.23 ???

    1. Its for 1.27-1.28 and 1.30

  5. SiMoN3 ETS2

    NOT WORK … in practice when you do to take a job, move a truck from a garage to another or in short, do something that centers with the map the game crashes 🙁 … Too bad because it was a nice map: /

    1. I never tried to do the jobs. I always love to drive buses.Thats why I made it like these..I think you should try to enjoy the map not the jobs. Anyway thanks for letting me know about the problem.I will try to slove it. Thanks

  6. Rubber Duck 64

    It´s compatible to promods or TSM?

    1. No it isn’t

  7. Scream4MeBairch

    @Shahid thanks for the laugh buddy well I was reading your comment…. I never tried to do the jobs. I always love to drive buses SINCE when did Euro TRUCK Simulator become a bus simulator I assume your map would be great but its no use to me if the roads are designed just for a bus how in earth would I be able to get a 18 wheeler down those roads with a WIDE LOAD on ???

  8. Durkó Gábor

    A játék össze omlott valamit változtass rajta.

  9. Durkó Gábor


  10. ionut samoila


  11. Does it work for 1.30?

  12. Need DLC?

  13. Didi Abdillah

    @Shahid … Pak ini Compitable untuk versi berapa aja ya?

  14. loictournay29

    for ets2 1.31.xx

  15. IcePuffeR


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