Jeep Grand ST


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It can go up to 250 km/h
Works with version 1.15.1

Author: MOE


10 thoughts on “Jeep Grand ST

  1. I can’t download your mod! Have you another link or is it a fake?

    1. I wonder where i could find this car

      1. In Volvo Truck Dealer

    2. The link works, thank you!

  2. Michael Piet

    seems good, yet the car is bumpy and the sound is kinda ‘trucky’. if this and the physics would be fixed, it will one of the best mods around!

  3. chesterschriever

    If the car were to be less bumpy and the sound more *car-like* it would’ve been great!

    BTW, anyone knows a trailermod that goes with this?

  4. Crazy man

    Hey guys how do i even enter the car
    Does it replaces something or what

  5. dead fish you have to remove the mod scania bdf is not yours

  6. It’s a bad mod , the whell is terrible

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