KacaK’s Enb Series Graphics Mod HD V1.0


Changelog v1.0!

Everything is much better than in the original version. And do all this without frame drops, so even with lower specifications computer can run it without any problems.

• More Vibrant/fresh colors
• More Realistic Environment
• More Detailed New Textures.
• More Apparent Road Lines.
• More Realistic Asphalt.
• More Realistic Street Lights
• More Realistic Lighting For All Vehicles
• More Realistic Weather
• More Realistic Fog
• More Realistic Rain
• More Realistic Clouds
• More Realistic Bright Weather
• More Realistic Sunshine
• More Realistic Flare
• More Realistic Reflection Details With Rain
• More Realistic Light Reflections With Rain
• More Realistic Day & Night
• More Realistic Colors And Realistic Lighting On The Highway
• More Realistic Night Driving On The Highway
• New Loading Screens
• New Background Screen
• No Fps Drops

* If you find a mistake, please inform me.
How to install:
Unzip the .scs archives into your “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod” folder.
Ingame: You need to activate the mods in your Profile. “Press EDIT and Select your mods.”
Tested Version: 1.8.0+
Author: KacaK
* Contact Me on Facebook & Twitter

DOWNLOAD 143 MB mega.co.nz
DOWNLOAD 143 MB bc.vc

20 thoughts on “KacaK’s Enb Series Graphics Mod HD V1.0

  1. doe’s it work with TSM and Promods-Map?

    1. Alphasick

      yes it does!!! i use it on both maps!

  2. Okay,i’ve downloaded the previous,i must admit the game looks a whole lot better .. but now .. 2 days later,there’s a new version .. SO if you plan on doing a new version or an improved review,i wouldn’t god #### mid reading about what’s different and/or new,before doing another 143 MB download. Appart from that great job,but seriously instead of putting the whole description ,just say what’s new,those who already downloaded im sure they would like to read just that,instead of trying to figure it ,eh ? Cheers.

  3. really hot mod keep it up

  4. Female Trucker

    Yes Lucas95, I have TSM 4.5.6/Promods/RTS2/Hungary/Romania 4.7 and currently it works fine of all them.

    1. Hi
      Female trucker,do you mean that you got TSM 4.5.6/Promods/RTS2/Hungary/Romania 4.7 in “one big map”?

    2. Hi
      Female trucker,do you mean that you got TSM 4.5.6/Promods/RTS2/Hungary/Romania 4.7 in “one big map”?

    3. thanks ^^

  5. Mr. Kacak’s the posted version is the same as the first, I have compared the two versions, size, date and time of file modification … no difference?
    upload error?
    otherwise good mod except the front lighting of very low truck
    thank you anyway for your work and sharing

  6. Female Trucker

    No Peter, I have them all separate but !! this mod does work on all those maps.

  7. Unfortunately, after 5 minutes DX9 quit the game.
    win7 Asus 4650 DX11

  8. dursun aydın

    valla ben yükledim randunan alamadım tsm5.6.7 harita kulanıyarum sadece ekran görüntüsü degişti

  9. What are changed in this version? Sorry bad English – From norway.

  10. not working very good ! when I want to use hazard lights fps is very low , and finaly crash .

  11. Hayalet26

    Emeğin için teşekkürler KacaK’s.Gece sürüşleri çok karanlık oluyor.Farlar aydınlatmada yetersiz.Asfaltın görünümü fazla düzgün.Gece-gündüz renk farklılığı fazla.Gündüz renkler aşırı canlı.Renkleri biraz kısarsan ve asfalt görünümünü daha gerçekçi yaparsan(çatlaklar,yamalar v.s olmalı)çok daha güzel olacağına eminim.

  12. It has a bit of an animated cartoon 🙂

  13. “No Fps Drops”
    I got more fps and a game more beautiful. Thanks!

  14. thx this mod!
    But AI light = 0 !!! why?
    I use other AI light with this mod but dose not work.

  15. Thumps up its perfect and works well with version 1.7.0
    but there is some issues must be fixed please the landscape in small gaz stations and on small intersections also in the garage the out side space its didn’t looks real take a look for it. keep up the good work.

  16. truck never lands keep floating

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