KacaK’s Enb Series Graphics Mod HD V2.0


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Changelog v1.0!

Everything is much better than in the original version. And do all this without frame drops, so even with lower specifications computer can run it without any problems.

• More Vibrant/fresh colors
• More Realistic Environment
• More Detailed New Textures.
• More Apparent Road Lines.
• More Realistic Asphalt.
• More Realistic Street Lights
• More Realistic Lighting For All Vehicles
• More Realistic Weather
• More Realistic Fog
• More Realistic Rain
• More Realistic Clouds
• More Realistic Bright Weather
• More Realistic Sunshine
• More Realistic Flare
• More Realistic Reflection Details With Rain
• More Realistic Light Reflections With Rain
• More Realistic Day & Night
• More Realistic Colors And Realistic Lighting On The Highway
• More Realistic Night Driving On The Highway
• New Loading Screens
• New Background Screen
• No Fps Drops


Changelog v2.0!

• New Rain Sound
• New Xenon Headlights
• Better Reflection
• More realistic rainy weather
• More realistic raindrops
• More realistic reflections on rainy weather
• Signposts now can be seen more clearly from a distance
• More realistic colors
• More realistic night
• Now the weather gets less darker at nights
• Some bugs fixed

* If you find a mistake, please inform me.

How to install:
Unzip the .scs archives into your “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod” folder.
Ingame: You need to activate the mods in your Profile. “Press EDIT and Select your mods.”

Tested Version: 1.8.0+
Author: KacaK

DOWNLOAD 145 MB bc.vc
DOWNLOAD 145 MB mediafire

VIDEO V1 Details:

VIDEO V2 Rain Sound:

41 thoughts on “KacaK’s Enb Series Graphics Mod HD V2.0

  1. Winrar says the file is corrupt! Please re-upload it!

    1. I downloaded again and everything works recommend
      Google translate

  2. is that means that this mod doesn’t work on v1.8.2.5s gold edition?

    1. It works perfectly.

      1. hey buddy, wanna give me credit for road sings?

  3. Great mod!
    Makes the game much real and improves fps.
    Thanks :).

  4. Trucker Melli

    perfekte arbeit…. danke!

  5. Is the rainmod v 1.0 included? I mean the rain mod from Kacac.

    1. Yes.

  6. Very good!!!nice job!

  7. Sim In Motion

    Thanks for this mod, i think it’s brilliant, the rain mod is also fantastic, this mod actually made my frame rate rise haha. Keep up your work

    My Youbute channel

  8. olivier88

    hello you made very good work… I are a faithful customer. I .mais have a problem that does not function with T.S.M 4.5.9 the play this cratch

  9. all reflective posts and road sings have been taken from here https://ets2.lt/en/refection-mod/
    i don’t mind but give me credit for my hard work

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      Good luck getting credits from Kacak.

      It contains a light mod from AlterEgo too. I suspect Kacak didn’t make any of the mods contained in this pack.

    2. Hey man, nice work 🙂

    3. You are on the power of demanding your rights or credit of you so desire. You should take action.

  10. RockyBalboa

    Hello. At the last checkpoint on the A7 Highway near Geneva, the game crashes. Truck Sim Map ver.4.5.9

  11. stoianioan

    Deselect the reflective posts and road signs and it will work just fine

  12. Amazing job!

  13. Kacak, amazing! I have a question… do I need to download “KacaK’s Rain Mod v1.0” or this mod includes the files of the rain too?

    Thanks in advice 😉

    1. no good….2x crash to win

  14. It’s Crashed On Me A Few Times

  15. Trucker Melli

    spiel stürzt öfters ab irgendein fehler im mod!

  16. Thanks a lot for the answer.

    The mod is REALLY REALLY COOL. A “Must Have” ;).

  17. what is this fo song

  18. kralleralle

    great job

  19. More realistic crashes… This doesn’t work at all, let’s not even talk of any other mod.

  20. Weird ### road textures at intersections and at gas stations…will go with 1.0 instead…

    1. nvm 1.0 is the same

  21. volvo4life

    Is it compatible with 1.9.20?

  22. TaiwanOCZ

    Is this Support Ets2 1.9+? with perfect FPS?

  23. work on v1.9.24.1s

  24. will it work with mmg map mod ?

  25. steam version supported?

  26. jowowtrucker

    where to get that red volvo dashboard backlight?

  27. not working in steam version …. no mods can be seen there to enable

  28. Will it works on ets 2 (18 dlc version)..plz tell me


    does it work with promods?

  30. TruxDeadnitro

    This mod doesn’t work with the game version 1.26
    Please update the mod

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