Kacper’s Engine Pack v 3.22

Kacper’s Engine Mega Pack

This pack adds a load of new standalone engines, sounds and some transmissions to the game.
It is compatible with both ETS and ATS, they are both in one file so you can put the files into both games !
It is currently compatible with the latest version of the game (V1.31)

Changes in V3.22:
-1.31 Compatible
-Added and Modified Engines
-Updated Textures and PMD Files
-Cleaned Up Mod for New Updates

*Big update coming soon*

What’s in the pack:
-Over 100+ standalone engines
-Badges are compatible on standard trucks aswell as community trucks (Modded Trucks)
-Sound are compatible – Stock and Custom
-A small amount of paintjobs for standard trucks
-A small amount of Realistic Gearboxes
-Custom Engine Icons (Replaces Standard)

Load Order:
-To make the mod function properly you will have to give it a higher priority over truck mods, this way the trucks will not overwrite the mod’s files.
-Sound mods have to be placed above the “engine pack”, some sounds will not work due to the configuration in this mod’s files.
-Custom badges or any customisation options can be placed below this mod because it would most likely not compatible with this mod at the first place.
In conclusion, the mod needs to get a high priority for it to work.

Official Download Sites:
This mod is only uploaded to sharemods which means that there is only 1 offical download link. Please do not download this of any other site apart from sharemods!

-You can give me ideas of what to put in the next update, you can send in sounds and report any broken parts of this mod !

© Kacperth Workshop 2018, All rights reserved.

Kacperth Workshop, Zeeuk1, Rupert Smith, Kriechbaum, EVR, 50Keda, SCS Software


8 thoughts on “Kacper’s Engine Pack v 3.22

  1. I need a password to extract the Mod

    1. We should not unpack. Mod will suffice to throw in archive zip to brochure.

      1. That´s it. There are too much People, which hack modsa, etc.
        Only in Modfolder and active.

        Why unpack ??? We also protect our Mods…

  2. And there are also people who judge the mods of people without really knowing how the mod was designed and without demonstrable evidence

    1. why i cant buy trucks from dealers on ats 1.31 with this mod activated? you say this mod works on ats .the mod works in ats but you cant buy trucks from dealers level 32 can you tell my why?

      1. The mod is not mine, I can not answer the question, I’m sorry

  3. I could kindly know what the password is for the extraction. Thanks

  4. Error+in+log+file+as+well+too+many+categories,+check+your+mod+for+these+things+please,+but+overall+great+mod.+just+update+it+again+with+the+Overall+of+the+mod+itself+….+fixes+like+has+a+manifest+file,+models+updated,+mod_description+file,+Image+of+mod+for+mod+manager,+and+documentation+as+well.++Nice+Work+though.+be+nice+if+u+did+not+put+password+on+archive+for+people+like+myself+like+to+have+error+free+game+log.++Would+only+fix+these+things+myself+only+for+personal+use.+Would+not+re-upload+mod+without+proper+approval+from+original+arthur.+With+that+said+everyone+should+follow+that+rule+of+thumb+with+your+mod+archive+to+not+have+errors+in+mod+as+well+as+game+log+file.+TEST+IT+FIRST!+(Check+Your+Logs)+before+you+release+your+said+mod.




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