Kamaz 43-63-65


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– Cabs (several generations of KAMAZ)
– 8 chassis.
– 7 engines (some of KAMAZ, Cummins)
– Standalone.
– Lightmask.
– Interior.
– Animations.
– Many skins and paint layers.
– Many configuration items (skins, trim, interior tuning, wheels, add-ons for the cab to the chassis add-ons)
– Support for DLC Accessories Salon.
– Sounds.
– And much more.

– Sold the dealer – Volvo.

Korall. Savin


11 Responses to Kamaz 43-63-65

  1. виталий says:

    старый мод

  2. T.I.R-Oldtimer says:

    Fake again?

  3. виталий says:


  4. виталий says:

    где тот самый камаз который на видео

  5. LazyMods says:

    Fake mod! It have only one cab and last modification was ‎at Saturday, ‎November ‎12, ‎2016, ‏‎1:18:45 PM

  6. Koral says:

    он у меня есть и он приват я продаю его за 30 евро

    • KurtTheShotgun says:

      где пруфы билли?нам нужны пруфы

  7. Andrew says:

    Uploader: mods_ats. Fake 100%. Козел !!!

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