Kamaz 4410-6450 + Wheels Offroad

Kamaz-4410-6450-1 Kamaz-4410-6450-2 Kamaz-4410-6450-3

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– Fully independent model
– Buy in dealers Scania
– Including a lounge, animation and tuning
– Spelled “step” cabin camera
– Include Template for coloring
– It has its own sound

– Wheels Offroad includes 12 front and 22 rear rims of different sizes
– Wheels Offroad includes 12 front and 20 rear tires

Tested in version: 1.21.x

Author Kamaz 4410-6450: JAWA, Smith, dmitry68, Stas556
Author Wheels Offroad: Nikon Oleinichenko (kamaznik)



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7 thoughts on “Kamaz 4410-6450 + Wheels Offroad

  1. pl_tv_software

    Tested Video Review HD v1.21s: https://youtu.be/pW4Sqm3BAko

  2. Почему не показали, колёса и диски?
    Why not show the wheels and wheels?

    1. pl_tv_software

      Chassis of those that are on truck at end. All other defective.
      Mod from previous versions of the game – not suitable for updates!
      assessment 3/10

  3. Game crash, v 1.21.1

  4. phil hunt

    Can the owner of this please contact me thanks

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