KamAZ 53212


-3 type of cabin
-5 types of bodies
-registered in the own slot
-sold at the dealerships Daf
-trailer replaces cement, aero_dynamic, krone coolliner, krone
-the lights are burning texture
Alteration is allowed
Version 1.7.0

Lexan, Fanis, BrUISeR, Nikita Belkin, Stas556, by maz_man, [email protected]_1996


22 thoughts on “KamAZ 53212

  1. Anyone try it yet?

  2. File corrupt.

  3. Corrupted File dont download waste of time

  4. чените

  5. Мужики. Все отлично,но коробку подкорректируйте,у вас на 10 если не выходить за рамки разрешенных обротов двигателя,то едет около 60 км\ч,в реале же можно и за 90 на нем спокойно. ПРошу,подкорректируйте пожалуйста.

  6. I added a mod and have not checked, I’m sorry, here’s the link to the working file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2nnhn3

  7. Does the dolly turn?

  8. What do you mean? Corrupted?

  9. Do you have an another Host?
    Sendspace is very slow.

  10. https://ets2.lt/en/kamaz-53212/
    Thank you Stas556, by maz_man, [email protected]_1996… for mod

    Always, is good drive trucks like this, but unfortunately I have some issues:

    If anyone want see if the mod is ReallY ok(lag/delay/crash/freeze) just need to open

    C:UsersMyNameDocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2game.log.txt

    and search for …

    This mod have(some from), , I needed to remove.

    -This model is not updated to ETS2 v1.7 format.
    -The price of items is not good…
    -Tire is floating
    -The break is very bad

    00:00:11.612 : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck/kamaz.saygak/paint_job/color5.sii’, line 3:

    00:00:11.612 : load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/truck/kamaz.saygak/paint_job/color5.sii)
    00:00:37.876 : Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/wheel/kamaz/wheelf.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!

    These errors are not good for performance of the game(incompatible with mods of traffic too)

    I am anxious for you to fix and can drive well this truck cool

    Another issues to fix can be seen it in:


    Position of trucks in dealership(conflicts)

    Please, update these too (and I wish get a collection):

    Peterbilt 379
    Peterbilt 389
    Peterbilt 386(move slot to right – same slot to Freighliner 120)
    Ural 43202
    Kenworth W900L
    Kenworth T800
    Kenworth W900A
    Freightliner Classic 120 (same slot of dealer of W900L)
    Freightliner Columbia
    Freightliner Classic XL

    for while I need to remove them.


    My short setup(to test):
    a) Win7 x64
    1) ETS 2 v1.7.0s (Steam – Always update automatically)
    2) DLC Going East!

    :- Profile basic without mods

    1. I love the way you say profile basic without mods….if that is so then you wouldn’t have any of those American trucks in your mod folder or the Ural.

      With a bit of effort you probably could move the mods to the position that you require so they don’t conflict, be a great learning curve for you. We all start somewhere, perhaps this is were you can start your modding career 🙂

      1. My profiles

        : Profile basic without mods
        : Profile ProMods v1.01
        : Profile TSM 4.1.2
        : Profile Easterner Express Russian v2.0
        : Profile Romania v3.7

        All have DLC, but the first is not official. I use only for testing a new mod… one at a time and analise the game.log.txt – the warnings/errors messages are exclusive.

        1. …I haven’t anyone of these trucks installed

  11. Ive had no problem downloading this (no corrupted files etc)..It works perfect – One thing id like to see improved is a bigger engine and the interior sound isn’t quiet right imo..nice mod hope they continue to improve on it 🙂

  12. Nice Mod. But the Truck Physics are very bad.

    1. Hey dude, it’s Kamaz. What did you expect? If you like detailed truck try some new models, not old one.

      1. what?

        the steering and brakes of the truck is a complete disaster

        1. Why don’t you then make it better? If you can’t, do not insult others work. And if you really don’t like the mod then just avoid it and do not download.

  13. ДОвольно таки интересно, но без поворотной оси на прицепе смысла в моде попросту нет

  14. Lindo, espectacular me encanta. Me descargue y me anda muy bien se les recomiendo a todos

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